Cultivating brand systems that cherish the ideas that drive us.

About Us

Cherry Street Creative is a design and branding studio specializing in the cultivation of abundant, well-rounded brands that thrive in any environment.

In our world, 2 is better than 1, so we shaped our design experience to invoke contributions and collaboration with our clients all along the journey. After all, behind every good brand are great people.

Black and white portrait of Jon Kankam, co-owner of Cherry Street Creative.

Jon Kankam

Jon provides a level of business strategy, creative problem solving, and excellent client service that is matched by his calm, attentive presence. His attention to detail makes an unmistakable difference in everything he touches and keeps the creativity in order.

Black and white portrait of Katie Fleming, co-owner of Cherry Street Creative.

Katie Fleming

Katie is equipped with an abundance of design knowledge and breathes life into our ideas. She creates the magic to deliver the goods. With a keen eye for design and a level of expertise unmatched, she guides the visual identities of brands forward.

"Fragments of my vision resonate in every contour, edge, & pigment of their astoundingly-seamless design. The final product was everything I had hoped for & beyond my wildest expectations all at the same time - they just have that "edge" that can't be taught. Working with Katie & Jon was such a unique, complementary, & rewarding experience. I can't wait to partner with them again in the near future!"

- Erin S.
Founder of Go Gibbous


Male model squatting in parking garage.
Tote bag propped up on table.Male with glasses and a hat drinking out of a cup.Female model in car wearing black jacket.