Go Gibbous

Defining a brand as the go-to source for blockchain literacy and beyond.

Vertical front-and-back business cards on moon surface background


Go Gibbous transcends educational limitations by dissolving technological complexities so that we can envision and catalyze real-world impact. It’s all about fostering an empowered community and inspiring others to “increase towards their full potential” — living the Go Gibbous lifestyle.

The future is paved by new paths of insight and business acumen. Visually breaking things down into geometric shapes, the vision for this futuristic identity begins to take form — block-by-block. When complex concepts can be stated simply, ideas can bridge the gaps in our universe.


— Naming
— Logo System
— Typography, Color
— Messaging
— Social Media
— Collateral
— Merchandise

Black Go Gibbous logo on white hoodie


Gibbous comes from astrology when referring to the moon phases. Meaning more than half, but less than the whole. Increasing towards full potential.

The addition of the word "Go" is akin to “go Google it”. Go Gibbous is an ever increasing amount of blockchain knowledge and a learning lifestyle.

Go Gibbous logotype sketch on grid paper.White Go Gibbous logotype on purple to orange gradient.
Black Go Gibbous logotype on back of white hoodie.
Black investing booklet on green backgroundWhite phone showing Go Gibbous Instagram feed on black backgroundText on purple to orange gradient square.Text on purple to orange gradient square.Quote on brand pattern.Social media templates using photos, brand icons, and text.

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