Storable's ESG Initiative

A playfully divergent system designed for those with a “Do More, For More” mentality.

Stewards of Storable isometric illustration, including elements that represent environment, governance, and social initiatives.


Corporate responsibility begins by taking ownership — ownership of what is, what isn’t, and what you are willing to do about it. Storable’s Do More, For More initiative embodies the values of the people who the company is composed of, but it also challenges their people to take a closer look at their impact; to ask how they can do more.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts and this initiative focuses on establishing positive efforts towards Environmental, Social, and Governance impacts. The “whole” is embodied by a main ESG mark which can be broken down into individual marks for each of these core principles.


— Logo System
— Typography, Color
— Website Design
— Merchandise

Hexagonal logo mark for Storable's ESG initiative.


The hexagon serves as the foundational element for all of Storable’s brand marks, patterns, and other visual touchpoints. This geometric shape provides a spring board for a kinetic brand system that is ever-evolving and expanding into new and unexpected solutions.

Hexagonal logo marks for Storable's ESG initiative.
Hexagonal logo mark sketch for Storable's ESG initiative.Hexagonal logo mark for Storable's ESG initiative.
Landing page for the "Do More, For More" Initiative.

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